Corrine Havens

Corrine's husband (Tony) is a mason (the "creating things from stone" kind, not the "secret handshake and silly apron" kind). They have a boy named Anthony Roland ('Anthony' for the father and 'Roland' not for the famous French mythic hero but for an infamous British rogue), and a girl named Erica Lynn. Cor is a veteran of the FAA Technical Center / Stockton State College cooperative program. She is the only Overkill member to have Terminal software experience, and she spent over 3 years on the Host Support Team.

Corrine was the second Overkill UK, Ltd. employee. She and Tony spent an adventurous year in England during which:

  1. The Chrysler Laser she got upon reaching England broke down, requiring a week-long stay at the garage until bearings could be shipped over from USA;
  2. Minutes after it was back on the road, it was towed back to the same garage awaiting a timing belt (also had to be shipped from USA);
  3. A week later it broke down (water & power steering pumps) during a trip, leaving them stranded in Avon. Their tow-truck driver put them in touch with a buyer for the Laser;
  4. They purchased a Ford Escort with a "kickin' stereo," which they were unable to listen to after it was broken into and the speakers stolen;
  5. A truck backed into it;
  6. Corrine backed into a concrete post;
  7. It got caught up in a chain-reaction collision;
  8. It crashed "under a truck and into a tree" and was finally considered totalled;
  9. With the insurance from the Escort, they purchased a 20-year-old white (with teal-green interior) Turbo Avenger! Which, of course, was broken into and the radio stolen.
  10. The Avenger was rear-ended, sealing the trunk permanently;
  11. Tony returned to the USA and promptly drove their Pontiac Laser (unused for a year) into a concrete road barrier.

One time, Tony's big red dump truck was struck, at speed, by a little old man on a tricycle (I kid you not). Then someone backed into it in a driveway. Then Corrine's car died. Then Tony backed one of his trucks into the other.

We welcome her back to the Overkill team (but we always make them drive separately to our parties).

WWWeb freshness dating:
April 11, 2010

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